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A successfully completed Ph.D. program (or equivalent) in the fields of plant molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, or cell biology is absolutely required for the advertised position. The quality and quantity of published and peer-reviewed journal articles will be used as an estimation of the academic performance of a candidate.

Candidates require extensive wet lab experiences for this project and must be acquainted with different methods in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and cell biology, particularly methods for studying plants. As the group also routinely uses confocal microscopy to follow the expression of fluorescent proteins in plants, knowledge in this area is also beneficial.

The postdoc should have wet lab experience (proven by publications) in the field of plant photosynthesis and be familiar with PAM measurements and the biochemical analysis of chlorophyll biosynthesis.

The Plant Biotic Interaction Group is diverse and inclusive. We use the English language in meetings, for protocols, and in everyday laboratory life, making excellent English language skills an absolute requirement for taking on this position. Proficiency in English is further required for drafting manuscripts and representing the laboratory in seminars and conferences. Since the laboratory also supervises bachelor theses in German and employs German-speaking research assistants for the project, knowledge of the German language is advantageous.

Several RNA sequencing experiments are planned for the project. Experiences in isolating RNA, preparing sequencing libraries, and evaluating RNA sequencing data are beneficial for the project, especially if these experiences have been made in a non-classical model system.

We are currently considering the use of radioactive-labeled peptides in some of our future experiments. Therefore, prior experience in an isotope laboratory is helpful.

For the project, we want to identify causal mutations in the plant Phtheirospermum japonicum by whole genome sequencing. Prior experiences in isolating genomic plant DNA, including quality assessments and post-sequencing data analysis, are helpful for the project.

There should be a genuine interest in the project and in researching molecular interactions between hosts and parasitic plants. This interest should be explained in the application, for example, in the motivation letter.


Please use descriptive file names (e.g. cover letter.pdf, resume.pdf etc.) and as file format PDF. If possible, please combine certificates in a single PDF file.


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